Narrated by the omniscient blogger "Gossip Girl" (voiced by Kristen Bell), the series revolves around the lives of privileged upper-class adolescents living in Manhattan's Upper East Side (UES). The series begins with Payton Bass (Freddy Carter) and Blair Bass (Leighton Meester) poor and living in the countryside from Chuck's finance troubles Blair is reunited with ex-boyfriend/ friend Nathaniel Archibald (Chace Crawford) who offers them a place to stay with his fiancé and his family. Payton is reunited with Megan Humphrey (Sara Grey) his adoptive cousin in law and his adoptive Uncle in law Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) while he also meets Hayden Rose (Dacre Montgomery) an aspiring con artist from Queens. Other main characters are played by Olivia Holt, Luke Baines, Nick Hargrove, Emma Dumont, Yael Grobglas, Josh Bowman and James Mackay.

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